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The fascination of film-cameras caught my eye at a very young age, and ever since my very first Skateboarding photos at the age of 12 - I have had a on-going dream, to one day share this fascination resulting in imagery and videos. My passion for photography and video is widely spread throughout different genres, but the common theme is that I want and desire to create positivity throughout my videos and photos. My favorite genres; is nature and extreme-sports, but most importantly collaborate those two genres together.

Although my passion is extreme-sports and nature, I often get the chance to documenting other genres as well, such as weddings and portrait photography, and I always feel very humble to being able to document those special moments. The passion I have for documenting comes from a deep interest in capturing special moments, the moments that makes people stop, to think and reflect.


BA Documentary Films         
University of South Wales, Cardiff 

SEPTEMBER 2012  - MAY 2013

Bachelor Film - Cinematography    
Noroff, Oslo - Norway

SEPTEMBER 2010  - MAY 2012

Media & Communication    
Risør Videregående Skole, Norway

2007 - 2009


Caroline Stone Award for best Documentary;


Film: Freeriders


Cardiff, Wales 2012  


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